Network design and implementation

Every network is different—or, at least, it should be. Organisations of all sizes and types have requirements for LAN/MAN/WANs of many different varieties and configurations.

The most important step in ensuring that any given network fulfils its business objectives in terms of performance, reliability and security is undertaken prior to implementation: analysis & design.

saosce offer full service network design, from the analysis of your business requirements through multi-model cost-benefit analyses, consultation and feasibility studies all the way to the production of fully documented technical specifications.

Of course, saosce can also source hardware for all your internetworking infrastructure requirements, as well as service all your roll-out or upgrade implementation needs.

We recognise that the journey to establishing a high-performance, reliable and secure networking environment can be different for each organisation. Accordingly, saosce can offer a full end-to-end service, or can assist your organisation with any one or more of the various steps along the way.

Related services which are often combined with LAN/MAN/WAN Design & Implementation include business analysis, hardware sourcing, infrastructure planning & establishment, network service provision, security analysis & monitoring, systems & network administration, staff training and technical support.

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