Business analysis and modelling

The term business analysis has dual meanings within the modern business environment.

Within the technology sector, business analysis tends to be regarded as the process of translating business requirements for a computing project into technical requirements, and can include such diverse processes such as requirements engineering, solutions architecture / design, project management and vendor management, amongst others.

In the broader business community—particularly in consulting firms—business analysis tends to be regarded as the process of quantification of various business ideas, and usually includes a significant element of financial and/or statistical analysis and modelling, focussing on the design, validation and application of frameworks and models for evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency (with respect to specific business needs and objectives, including but not limited to budgetary requirements) of various business models.

Naturally, in the modern world, there is significant overlap between both meanings.

With experienced personnel from both computing/engineering and business/management consulting backgrounds, saosce are ideally positioned to meet your organisation's business analysis needs (in either or both senses of the term).

Business Analysis is often delivered as a part of a broader service, be it advice on ICT strategy, business process re-engineering, disaster recovery planning, strategic planning for computing infrastructure , software development, or vendor management.

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