Technical support

Despite mammoth efforts over the last two decades to improve the usability of technology, no developer has ever produced a piece of software for which no user will ever require technical support. The fact is (even with the best designed and best documented software available), that users in different business environments will always find new and different ways in which to use technology that were not envisaged at design time. New technologies are springing up every day, with which existing products are expected to interoperate seamlessly. A lot of the time they do; but a lot of the time they don't, as well.

saosce staff are helpful, experienced professionals who are ready to provide technical support for your staff at all levels from new end-users to experienced systems engineers. saosce specialises in supporting Unix® and open source software (including operating systems such as GNU/Linux and OpenBSD and a broad range of applications software).

Good high-level technical support is key to the smooth operation of any organisation. High-level issues will arise with any software—no matter how well written by its developers and no matter how well studied by its end-users—on an irregular but ongoing basis. These issues need to be addressed in a timely, efficient, helpful and professional manner. Many larger organisations have dedicated staff on call specifically to meet this need. For smaller organisations, outsourcing this function to an external provider such as saosce usually provides significant cost savings.

At the other end of the scale, good low-level technical support is also essential to smooth ongoing operations. Good low-level technical support is one of the greatest advantages of using open source software: when all else fails, we can analyse the source code directly, to find the explanation of a why a problem occurs, how it can be worked around, and what would be involved in fixing it. Best of all, if your organisation requires a real fix (not just a workaround) right now, work can begin on modifying the source immediately, and the updated software can be running on your servers within days or even hours, rather than sitting around for months on end wondering "if the vendor will see fit to include a fix in the next release, or if they will ever bother to write one".

For a confidential discussion of your organisation's present and/or ongoing low- and/or high-level technical support needs, contact saosce at, or for fast, efficient resolution of an existing known issue, call us on (08) 8121-3075.