Personnel, affiliations & vision


Our personnel include experienced multi-skilled professionals from computing / engineering and general business / management consulting backgrounds.

Our staff have a strong commitment to delivering quality services in a timely and cost effective manner. Our programme of continuous process improvement includes staff holding or obtaining professional certifications from industry leaders, as well as maintaining staff and corporate memberships or other affiliations with relevant professional and industry associations, both here in South Australia and nationally.


saosce are proud to be associated with OSIA, the national industry body for free and open source software (FOSS) within Australia.

Member of Open Source Industry Australia logo


Here at saosce, we seek to provide client organisations across Australia with the most suitable, robust, reliable, business-focussed and secure computing solutions possible. We aim to achieve this by:

Helping our clients to achieve the myriad of benefits to be had through the widespread adoption of FOSS; and

Integrating services from the complementary disciplines of computing consultancy and general business / management consulting, in order to deliver comprehensive, professional end-to-end solutions to our clients.