Managed Internet services

Managed Internet services is an umbrella term referring to the provision and management of internet services, regardless of service type, user scope or delivery model.

Although many other service types exist, the most common managed internet services required by organisations today are web servers (including public web sites, restricted intranet/extranet sites and more complex applications delivered to users via a web-based frontend, as well as automated 'web services' which may not have any direct human interaction), messaging (mail servers, list servers, news servers, chat servers and inter-protocol gateways) and directory servers (predominantly DNS servers and LDAP servers). User scope may be public, or restricted (physically and/or by authentication).

Delivery models include remote management of client infrastructure (situated at a client site or third party data centre), provision and management of co-location services, and the traditional hosting model.

Regardless of service type or delivery model, effective, reliable and secure operation of these services is vital for any organisation that uses them (and in today's world, that includes virtually all organisations).

Free and open source software (FOSS) solutions with solid reputations for effectiveness, reliability and security exist for all these applications. FOSS such as the Apache web server, Sendmail mail server and BIND name server (amongst others) have long been leaders in their respective fields, for just those reasons.

saosce offer our clients assistance in the design (including any custom software development) and deployment of such solutions, based on FOSS, either on your existing infrastructure, on new infrastructure sourced for the project, or on Saosce infrastructure, professional ongoing management of the service, as well as ongoing monitoring and maintenance services.

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