Sourcing computer equipment

saosce is primarily a consulting and service delivery organisation. However, we recognise that often computing projects will involve a need for the provision of additional (or replacement) equipment as well.

Effective hardware sourcing involves two processes: the cost-effective procurement of commodity products; and the design, production and delivery of custom hardware. For all but the most trivial of roll-outs, both should be considered, and in many cases, a combination of the two can provide the most useful, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Armed with your organisation's technical requirements (which can either be provided directly, or we can help you define based on your business requirements), saosce can provide you with a range of quotes for commodity hardware from reputable vendors and for the design (where necessary), production and delivery of custom hardware tailor-made to your specifications, where appropriate.

Equipment required for computing projects can be as diverse and various as the projects themselves. Examples of the types of equipment for which saosce offer sourcing solutions include:

In addition, saosce offer a computer equipment disposal service, with emphasis on the secure erasure or destruction of all media containing sensitive data, and on the recycling of equipment wherever possible.

For more information, or for a confidential discussion of your organisation's hardware sourcing or disposal needs, contact saosce at