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What does Saosce mean?

saosce is an acronym for South Australian Open Source Consulting Engineers, spelling out the three pillars of our core value proposition:


Based in Adelaide, saosce are proud to be a South Australian company. Adelaide was chosen for its geographic position (located centrally within Australia) and for its ability to support our central operations with much lower overheads than any of the major East coast cities.

These lower overheads can then be passed on to our clients, enabling saosce to deliver quality computing advice & solutions to clients across Australia at more competitive rates than similar organisations based on the East cost.

The central location allows us to provide extremely fast on-site response to our local SA clients, as well as providing an ideal location from which to service all other major Australian cities.


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saosce specialise in Unix and in free & open source software (FOSS). Users of FOSS are free to read and modify the source code, allowing unparalleled flexibility of applications to meet individual clients' specific business needs.

With the tremendous variety of mature FOSS projects available today, unencumbered by draconian restrictions, many organisations are discovering how FOSS can deliver significant reductions in ICT spending.

Unlike traditional proprietary models, the FOSS development model allows for thorough peer review, a principle which has been the standard in the academic world for centuries. This tends to lead to much more robust, secure and reliable software.


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saosce is a full service consulting firm blending the complementary disciplines of computing consultancy and general business / management consulting to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions tailored to each client's specific business needs.

saosce personnel are experienced professionals, with strong technical and business backgrounds.

Almost every major computing project creates the need to review real world business processes, and the vast majority of business process reviews create the need for new computing projects. saosce integrate these processes, delivering end-to-end solutions to enterprises and cutting the unnecessary costs associated with having two teams of consultants for what essentially should be one project.


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Who uses saosce?

Our clients have ranged from small businesses to large corporates. A wide variety of projects have been undertaken in a diverse range of industries, including automotive, business & professional services, education & training, financial services, freight, healthcare, ICT, legal, manufacturing, mining, oil, property development, retail & wholesale, utilities and wool; as well as the public sector.