Computing infrastructure planning & establishment

In today's world, most organisations have a significant amount of computing infrastructure already in place. Capacity planning involves assessing the ability of that infrastructure to meet present and future demands. With thorough analysis of current information processing and dissemination needs, it is possible to design an infrastructure establishment or upgrade path which will allow new and/or additional technology to be rolled out on a just-in-time basis. Long term cost savings are the major advantage of a planned approach to infrastructure management.

Another related process is strategic ICT planning, which combines elements of capacity planning with a broader view of business computing needs. Whilst capacity planning often refers to the analysis of basic infrastructure needs alone, strategic ICT planning usually extends to higher level needs, such as application software, staff training, computing related policies and related business processes.

saosce uses the umbrella term infrastructure planning & establishment to cover both varieties of analysis and planning. Related processes which are often combined with, or preceded by infrastructure planning & establishment include business analysis, business process re-engineering, defenestration, hardware sourcing, network design & implementation, security analysis & monitoring and software development.

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