Staff training

Despite mammoth efforts over the last two decades to improve the usability of technology, no developer has ever produced a piece of software the use of which is intuitive enough to require no documentation, no training and no support. This statement applies equally to most physical pieces of computing equipment (hardware).

In order to realise the business effectiveness and efficiency benefits that your computing infrastructure can provide, it is necessary for your staff to be proficient in it use to its maximum potential within your particular business environment.

saosce offer both structured formal staff training in the form of off-site seminars and workshops and informal one-on-one staff training at your workplace in computing and ICT, with a focus on Unix and FOSS (free and open source software). We do not offer a standard range of courses, but rather tailor the training delivered to your organisation's specific needs.

Inexpensive courses can be developed to focus on current needs. Alternatively, in-depth courses can be delivered, building up knowledge from theoretical fundamentals to provide a comprehensive vendor-neutral appreciation of the computing subject chosen for years to come, thus minimising future training expenditure. One-on-one training can be delivered in a user-paced manner, with course content changing dynamically in response to staff and business needs.

Staff training is often delivered as a part of a broader service offering, such as infrastructure planning & establishment, network design & implementation, DR planning or software development.

For a confidential discussion of your organisation's present and/or ongoing staff ICT training needs, call saosce on (08) 8121 3075, or email us at