Network service provision

saosce is not an ISP, nor are we a telecommunications carrier—we do not offer Internet connections or other public voice or data carriage services. However, saosce can assist your organisation in assessing your voice and data communications needs, and in selecting and managing appropriate telecommunications vendors.

In addition, saosce offer the following value-added services:

In-building Ethernet solutions

These solutions provide organisations which manage multi-tenanted office/apartment buildings or hotels with network infrastructure, data distribution, aggregation & billing solutions to allow them to operate their own "mini-ISP" within their premises, as a value-added service to their clients.

Large-scale wireless networking

Ideal for local councils, universities, or any other organisations with multiple sites within eyeshot, these solutions utilise high-end microwave and/or free-space optical networking technologies to deliver significant long-term cost-savings and productivity gains in inter-site (but intra-organisation) voice and data communications.

Local deployment service for ISPs

saosce offer an on-site equipment deployment, maintenance and support service for sites within South Australia only. This allows national ISPs to provide a professional, timely and technically competent service to their SA clients without retaining a full-time staff in Adelaide.

Virtual private networking (VPN)

saosce can design, deploy, audit, maintain and/or support VPN solutions for your organisation. These provide secure inter-site data (and/or voice-over-IP) communications across the Internet, eliminating the need for costly private WAN links.

Related services

Network service provision is often paired with related services, such as:

For more information, or for a confidential discussion of your organisation's internetworking needs, contact saosce at