Remote systems/network monitoring & maintenance

Consistent and efficient systems and network administration performed by skilled personnel are key to the ongoing stability and reliability of business systems and networks.

Key tasks include backup administration, user administration, systems & network monitoring & statistics, application administration, systems & network maintenance, systems & network installation & configuration and disaster recovery.

In most smaller organisations, where systems & network administration are no less important processes, but often do not require enough work to warrant hiring dedicated staff, systems & network administration outsourcing services, such as those offered by saosce often represent major cost savings, whilst still providing the necessary stability and reliability.

Similarly, in many larger organisations for whom having systems & network administration expertise is not a part of their core buiness, the use of outsourcing services can make for a leaner and more focussed business.

saosce offers systems & network administration services to support Unix® and "Unix-like" server platforms, all open source and some select proprietary applications and all current networking technologies.

These services can be provided on an hourly as-required basis, or—typically when combined with network monitoring services—on an ongoing basis, per-server per-day. For a confidential discussion of your organisation's present and/or ongoing system & network administration needs, contact saosce at, or call us on (08) 8121-3075.