Defenestration literally refers to the act of throwing [an object or person] out a window—a traditional Czech method of political assassination dating back to the early seventeenth century. However, in modern English usage, defenestration has acquired several other meanings, both in the computer industry (e.g. the act of exiting a windowing system in order to gain performance or stability; the act of dragging an icon out of a window onto the desktop; and the act of removing Microsoft's Windows® operating system from a computer, to name a few) and in general business (the act of throwing an existing infrastructure model or business process "out the window" and starting from scratch in order to achieve greater efficiency without being hampered by the shortcomings of the old model or process). The latter two meanings are the ones favoured by saosce.

Here at saosce we believe there is always great value in defenestration of incumbent models, even if only in the planning stage in order to provide our clients with a true representation of all options available to them to meet their requirements.

saosce are positioned ideally to provide strategic advice on the options available to organisations, as well as help them through the process, whichever path they may choose to follow.