Business process re-engineering

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), as its name suggests, involves the identification and analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of an organisation's in-place business processes, the identification and quantification of a range of alternative model sets of business processes, the design, validation and application of an analytical framework for the evaluation of the cost, effectiveness and efficiency of each business process model and the provision of a set of consequent recommendations within the context of the needs and objectives of the particular organisation.

In the modern world, it is self-evident that many models for redesign of business processes will involve elements of ICT change.

Conversely, most major computing projects create the need to review real-world business processes. This does not mean that business processes should be designed around computing. In fact, any major computing project worth undertaking must be designed around the organisation's business needs and objectives: business decisions drive ICT decisions, not vice-versa. However, the successful implementation of a major computing project should provide the organisation with new or improved facilities and opportunities for increased efficiency and/or effectiveness. These new opportunities present the ideal environment to re-evaluate the options for business process analysis and redesign.

Here at saosce, we recognise that business process re-engineering and the design and delivery of major ICT change are mutually dependant processes, along with the associated change management necessary to ensure that projected improvements in effectiveness and efficiency are actually realised. saosce personnel include professionals from both computing/engineering and business/management consulting backgrounds, thus we are ideally positioned to integrate these processes for our clients, delivering end-to-end solutions which cut the unnecessary costs associated with having two (or even three) teams of consultants for what essentially should be one integrated project.

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